Back to my viking roots!

September 12, 2012 at 3:37 PM

steve subwayYo! As you can see I have become a traveling man again!

This pic is from when I started my trip back to Sweden.


Big Steve & Food for Louis Yesterday I met up with Louis, another YouTube-star. He’s from the UK and also has a lot of followers on his Channel.

In the video above he actually chews off a dead fox’s tongue! (good thing he’s not French… I didn’t have to kiss him!!) I’ll tell you more stories about our meeting and show you some more pics once I get back and sort out all my stuff from the phone.

Anyway I did make it out of England. This time with SAS. No it’s not the Special Air Service. Not a lot of Swedes know this, but SAS i the UK is a special task force, not the kind of guys that serve you coffee ;)






And… a few hours ago I landed in Skellefteå. Where I started out from a few weeks ago. Being back in the UK has been really nice. Since I’m a sociable person I like to have people around me and I enjoyed hooking up with my mates from the island. I was able to relax a bit more but still keep my routines with gym and food.

BIG Steve NY capYesterday we posted a film that’s not your usual Big Steve video clip. I know you’re all used to the gags and the vikings and the USS! I love that too, but this time we wanted to send something out that was a bit more interview-like. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this. Many seem tom like to hear me in a bit more serious tone and to listen to some of my stories. That pleases me. And if you like it too, don’t hesitate to post a comment or to share with your friends!


/Big Steve.


August 21, 2012 at 12:39 PM

One Year on YouTube, thank you everybody that’s been watching, liking, subscribing, sharing and helping out on the project. This is just the beginning, let’s step it up!

15,000 subscribers

April 13, 2012 at 4:41 PM

BIG STEVE and the Team just want to say thanks to everybody thats been subscribing and watching the YouTube channel. We have now over 15,000 subscribers from all age groups and all over the world.

It’s really motivating to see that so many people enjoy what we do and that you share, put thumbs up and write comments on our YouTube videos.

As we write this we can also tell you that The Blackyoumentary trailer is in post-production and soon to be launched. Hope you all looking forward to se that.

And if you read this and still haven’t subscribed to the YouTube Channel, please do, it means a lot to us. Here is a Link to the YouTube Channel.

And once again, thank you all!