Back in Luleå

May 10, 2012 at 10:08 PM

We are back in Luleå this weekend and staying at the Scandic hotel to monday. A great week with a lot of things happening. After Hemavan we made a trip down to Stockholm for some meetings and a bit of filming. It was a huge contrast going from a lot of snow and -5°C in Hemavan to Stockholm, sunny weather and 17°C. Unfortunately BIG STEVE thought it would be a lot cooler in Stockholm and was wearing he’s long Johns all the time, that’s not okay!

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter came and took STEVE to a sourdough bread hotel. It sounds a bit strange, and yes! maybe it is a bit strange. You leave your sourdough at the hotel when you go away, and the staff take care of it, and feed it. Read all about sourdough here.

We came home and put some videos together: Here you have the links.
Snowboard With BIG STEVE
Snowmobile with BIG STEVE

Here you can see some pictures from that trip in Stockholm.

Read the interview from the Newspaper.