I am a Certified Skier!

August 1, 2012 at 2:13 PM

Though I would show of something i’m really proud of, my Skiing Certificate. Totally of the season, but I lost it during the winter and now I found it, so I just had to show it of. It even says “Outstanding” on it, they must have thought that I was something extra. I definitely need to frame this and put It up on my bedroom wall, or the maybe in ceiling so I can look at it as I’m counting cheep.

This could even be a new pick up line for me to use.
STEVE: “Hi, BIG STEVE! Certified skier!”
GIRL: Wow, My name is …… let’s go home!

Hemavan is a great place

May 4, 2012 at 6:36 PM

Last weekend we took a trip to Hemavan to film BIG STEVE skiing in the real mountains. This was to get the last of the filming for the first series of The Blackyoumentary completed. The trip was a fantastic success and the skiing was amazing. For the second time in his life BIG STEVE stood on a pair of skis. What thought the best way was to just take STEVE to the top of the mountain “Kungsliften” and leave him there to ski down. Steve made it down the whole way, maybe not the whole way on skis, but he made it down in time for the After ski. Another great accomplishment for the BIG guy from England.

And finally BIG STEVE got the oppertunity to try a snowmobile, it was really fun to see him enjoy the snow and the “speed” of the “skoter” as it’s called in Swedish. Maybe next time he will be able to do a little jump if he could get some good coaching from a professional.

A really good weekend and a big thank you to Ove Granath at Högfjällshotellet and Anna Hedström Gustavsson for arranging everything and fully supporting the BIG STEVE project. We look forward to next years ski season in Hemavan.

Big Steve can ski!

March 26, 2012 at 4:22 PM

Last weekend we were out filming for the TV-Series The Blackyoumentary. We traveled to a really nice place called Bygdsiljum and the great ski resort of Bygsiljumsbacken. So once again Big Steve had to conquer his fears, and for the first time in his life he put on a pair of massive ski boots, stepped in to the bindings and was taught how to ski. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of skiing, snow volleyball, snow football, burgers and after ski. We are very sure that you want to see some proof, so here you go…