The Awesome Gang! YouTube Playlist

May 18, 2012 at 8:52 PM

Now we have to do a little presentation to you, it’s The Awesome Gang. These are great people and now very good friends of BIG STEVE, they have all helped us in some really funny videos. They all have their own cool personality’s and are really lovely people, great fun and up for being real cool grandma’s and grandpa’s. They are Youtube’s coolest and wisest pensioners.  The Awesome Gang,  if you haven’t seen them in action then check out the videos on our BIG STEVE website.

Firstly you have Rune, a fine gentlemen that always carrying a great story under his arm. He’s fantastic when it comes to singing. The first time you meet him, he might just happen to sing you a welcome song to our home town Skellefteå! How wonderful is that then. When we first met Gun she taught BIG STEVE how to make Palt, a great and delicious Swedish dish. She even cooked a meal for the whole team. We all love her very much.  Off course the leader of the Awesome Gang, who does deserve a drum role for his introduction Mr Sten-Sture Olander. This old style gangster runs his world famous café/restaurant,  Olanders right here in Skellefteå. He is a character and the whole team loves him. We call him the God Father or some times we just call him by his characteristic personality,   “alright Grumpy!” he get’s us back though, with his quick whited words and his sharp, sharp tongue. We filmed him during the Swedish Christmas dinner and then he also taught STEVE about the traditional Swedish Semla.( Fat Tuesday video) He is our hero and we are careful not to up set him but he’s always good to us and BIG STEVE.

Here you have a link to a Playlist to see al videos with these people.
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