What is The Blackyoumentary

April 17, 2012 at 10:03 PM

Big Steve The Blackyoumentary
Discovery of North Sweden and Swedish Lapland.

This is the world’s first Blackyoumentary hosted by Big Steve from England.

This new style of documentary programming is designed to explore a destination from the perspective of the traveler, a black British native. Despite his Afro-Caribbean heritage, Big Steve had never traveled outside of England. Through his eyes, we explore The North of Sweden and the Swedish Lapland.

Big Steve is used to the comforts of British life, and though huge in stature, he is squeamish about almost everything from bugs to freezing cold water. The Blackyoumentary is not only informative, viewers can expect plenty of interaction between Big Steve and residents, who live and work in Skellefteå. As Big Steve is exposed to this new haven with its completely unfamiliar culture and customs, viewers get the opportunity to share in the experience from his unique vantage point.

Those who have yet to visit this part of the world tend to believe it is dark, frozen tundra with nothing but penguins and polar bears. Before visiting and meeting the people who live and work in the surrounding areas, Big Steve thought that as well. But, after experiencing the true beauty of North Sweden, he is now working to dispel the misconceptions and re-educate the rest of the world.

The Blackyoumentary hosted by Big Steve captures stark contrasts of lifestyle, culture, landscape, and history in this newfound location. This highly informative yet equally entertaining program delivers laughter, excitement, clever commentary, little-known facts, and sometimes astounding personal accounts right to your viewing screen.

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