Swedes snack on candy and binge drink coffee, still shiny teeth?!

July 31, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Big Steve big smileHi everybody!

I don’t understand how the swedes can have such good teeth. Catch a random swede at any given moment and they will either 1) be welded to a cup of coffee or 2) have their hand deep into a bag of pick-n-mix candy! Still everyone you see in the street have nice and straight teeth (not like back in England where some people look like they have Stevie Wonder as their dentist – the blind genius! :)

I like to keep my teeth clean and white!  I brush my teeth 3-4 times per day. Some people think it’s strange to brush your teeth that often, but I like that feeling of having a bling bling smile. Of course I cheat a little…. :) I’ve had my gold bling-smile for 20 years now.

Smiles are an international language. I watched a nature show the other day where they showed monkeys smiling to each other. Apparently it meant: “Hey look, I’m friendly, I don’t wanna fight you”

So why not try something new today? Give a few persons a big friendly smile. It’s free and you just might get a new friend. Or at least make somebody feel a bit happier than they were before meeting you!

Big SMILEY peace!